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Meet P.J. Stoppleworth

The voice of thousands of events

From the full-throated roar of a crowd welcoming the the home team's starting lineup to a stirring round of applause greeting the featured speaker, the right introduction can make all the difference. The right introduction calls for the right announcer with a clear voice that has the resonance and energy to cut through noise and gain attention, honed by over 25 years experience hosting sporting events, corporate functions, live entertainment, award shows, and private celebrations.

Sports Events

On the field, mat, court, ice, & canvas, the competitors gather to ply their trade. Surrounding them, the fans are ready for not just a game or match, but an experience. The thrill of a home team's win, the personal triumphs of a favorite athlete – all shared and celebrated in the energy and passion of thousands of fans. Create and channel that energy with outstanding announcing by P.J. Stoppleworth.

Corporate Functions

It's a huge meeting – the top shareholders are in town and so are a whole bunch of financial analysts, industry reporters, sales managers, and top executives, and it's almost time for The Big Reveal. As the CEO heads for the podium, P.J. Stoppleworth snaps attention to the stage with an introduction that lets everybody know: this is what you've been waiting for and you do not want to miss what happens next.

Emcee & Host

Benefit galas. Fundraising auctions. Wedding receptions. Live comedy. On location promotions. Nightclub events. Music festivals. Awards shows. Private parties. From simple off-stage introductions to on-stage emcee and host, P.J. Stoppleworth has done a little bit of everything for a whole lot of different events for audiences dressed in everything from black tie to black leather.

DJ • FOH • Stage Mgr & More

At some events, it's one announce cue after another. At others, the mic gets cracked only a few times. P.J. Stoppleworth has the skills and experience to handle other live event jobs like music programming (DJ'ing but without the scratching, mashups, and ego), running audio gear at FOH, managing talent and tech backstage... whatever needs done, gets done. Announcing plus a whole lot more.


Live Entertainment

It's that moment where the hair on the back of your neck stands up and your whole body feels electrified – a loose, disjointed crowd is suddenly focused as the house lights drop, the stage lights go up, and a voice punctuates the sudden excitement with, "Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome...." No matter what's about to happen on stage, P.J. Stoppleworth makes that first moment thrilling.


what P.J. does

live announcing

music programming

event tech & mgt.




VOG/annc demo

Announcing, hosting, emcee for live events of all kinds

Music programming tailored for the right mood at any event

FOH engineer, A/V tech, producer, stage manager, and such as

Event promotion consulting and production director

Commercial, character, and narration voiceover; pre-recorded event announcements and intros; full production with audio post & phone patch


Demos & details

at P.J. Stoppleworth - Voice Versatility


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